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Here are just a few of our capabilities:
Gutter Systems

Gutter Systems
A rain gutter or surface water collection channel is a component of a water discharge system your home uses to prevent water dripping or flowing off roofs in an uncontrolled manner for several reasons: to prevent water from damaging the walls, drenching persons standing below or entering the building, and to direct the water to a suitable disposal site where it will not damage the foundations of the building.

Inspiration Roofing can inspect and install a new gutter system to prevent a build-up of excessive water weight.

Fence stain & Replacement

Fence Stain & Replacement
A properly stained fence is an important step in maintaining not only the health and quality of your fencing but also your investment and curb appeal.

Texas weather has an extreme summer heat index, damaging hail season, and wet winters that can destroy the integrity of wooden fences if not properly stained.

Inspiration Roofing uses proper staining techniques and high quality products that that help protect your fence from the elements which ensures a superb, long-lasting fence.

Deck & Patios

Deck & Patios
When you need help with planning your outdoor upgrades to your property, call Inspiration Roofing.

Whether elevated or a ground-level deck (wood, composite, plastic, aluminum), or a floating or raised patio (concrete, stamped concrete, gravel, stone & flagstone, brick pavers, wood) the overall cost to build one of these features depends largely on its size and materials used.

A new deck or patio for your home or business makes an extension of your living space may help you gain a little more privacy.

Residential Siding

Residential Siding
No matter the material, siding (vinyl, wood, fiber cement, aluminum and steel) has two basic functions. The first is to protect your home from outside elements like rain, snow, hail or ice.

The second is aesthetic exterior and design, otherwise known as curb appeal.  At Inspiration Roofing, we know that there are few home improvements or repairs can enhance the performance or value of your house like new siding, which plays a significant role in protecting your house against the harsh forces of nature.

Siding is also responsible for enhancing the longevity of your home.

Flooring Systems

Flooring Systems
How you navigate your home or office is determined by more than the floor plan, there's also the flooring (Wood, Engineered Wood, Bamboo, Laminate, Linoleum, Cork, Ceramic Tile, Carpet, Stone, Vinyl) you decide to use.

Inspiration Roofing can help you choose from the array of floor system choices that fit your space/room type and budget.  Our experienced flooring installers will install around corners and between door jambs with patience and ingenuity to ensure your walking surface is safe and for your home or business.

Exterior Paint

Exterior Paint
A good exterior paint job has the ability to transform the curb appeal of your residence – like getting a new home almost overnight.  

At Inspiration Roofing we know it’s important to take sufficient time planning which colors, shades, and paint styles you want to decorate your home with.  

Beyond curb appeal, the paint works as an added layer of protection from the elements, helping to keep your home safe from weather damage, insects, and dust. The paint can even prevent exterior wood from rotting.

Interior Insulation, Drywall & Painting

Interior Insulation, Drywall & Painting
Build out or finishing the interior of office or store and living space improvements often require interior insulation, drywall and painting.  

Inspiration Roofing understands that we must make your space as efficient and cost effective as possible, in order for our customers to reap benefits. We utilize our expertise in residential and commercial or office remodeling and construction to go directly to work for you and remain at your side during the duration of your construction project.

Window Systems

Window Systems
Structure type will determine what grade (R, LC, CW, AW) of window is necessary for your home or business. Technically a homeowner can choose whatever they want to install in their home – installing high capability windows may be necessary in North Texas because of the high probability for high pressure winds from tornadoes and hail storm damage annually.

Inspiration Roofing can install window systems that prevent air leakage, unwanted heat loss or gain, condensation, and make your home or business more energy efficient.

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We believe we can do things differently. Unfortunately, companies in our industry have, at times, been known to operate untruthfully; regulations are often not legislated, warranties are not cost-effective, and insurance fraud is commonplace. At Inspiration Roofing integrity always matters.


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Our expertly trained project managers oversee your entire project (your salesman is also the project manager supervising your job, adding another touchpoint of trust along the way). They are constantly educated on the newest techniques and products in the roofing and construction industry and pass on the benefits of their knowledge to you.



We realize that in order to take care of the people that put their trust in us, we must offer transparency, superior quality, and excellent customer service from start to finish. When you make Inspiration Roofing your one-stop-shop, you can rest assured you have the most trustworthy company in town working on your behalf!


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Our team consists of storm restoration specialists who are trained like insurance adjusters to spot storm damage, and identify the difference between hail damage, roof deterioration, and mechanical damage

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